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Fall/Winter Research Opportunities

Welcome to the Office of Undergraduate Research’s page dedicated to highlighting exciting research opportunities for the upcoming Fall/Winter terms!

Expandable List

The McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA) supports research that develops and leverages interdisciplinary connections across the University and has the potential to benefit end users, including older adults, their caregivers, and other stakeholders. Fellowship recipients are expected to present a poster at the MIRA and Labarge Research Symposium in following school year

To learn more, visit the MIRA USRF page.

Mitacs provides an exceptional funding opportunity for undergraduate researchers, offering support and resources to fuel their academic and professional growth. Through Mitacs, students gain access to funding for research projects, connect with industry partners, and develop valuable skills, positioning them for success in their future careers.

To learn more, visit the Mitacs page.

The McMaster Work Program offers part-time on-campus employment opportunities during the fall/winter terms and part- or full-time positions during the summer for students in need of financial support. With over 1250 jobs available across various McMaster departments/offices, students can find roles in many different areas.

To learn more, visit the McMaster Work Program page.

The  ACAEA In Chemistry and Chemical Biology are awards specific to students Chemistry and Chemical Biology program. The ACAEA support student research experiences in chemistry and chemical biology, offering 16-week summer positions in the department’s research labs, providing valuable research experience and learning opportunities.

To learn more, visit the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology page.

The Stewart Fund Award is specific to students in the Mathematics and Statistics program. The Stewart Fund Award supports mathematics and statistics students by providing funding for various opportunities such as summer research, travel to conferences, outreach activities, and collaboration with faculty members from McMaster University and beyond. This award fund is beneficial for undergraduate students wishing to pursue a research opportunity that is not covered by the NSERC USRA awards.

To learn more, visit the Department of Mathematics and Statistics page.

The Students Partners Program with the MacPherson Institute provides undergraduate students with opportunities to participate as partners with faculty, instructors, and staff on projects.

To learn more, visit the Students Partners Program page.

The ECO Canada – Environmental Student Work Placement Program provides funding for STEAM and business post-secondary students looking into short-term work placements in Environmental and Sustainability-based positions.

To learn more, visit the ECO Canada page.

To make life better for older adults with high impact research GERAS is tackling the biggest challenges facing our aging population.

To learn more visit the GERAS website.

Through international collaboration and innovation, PHRI explores CVD, diabetes, kidney and lung diseases, brain health, cancer and more.

To learn more about PHRI

TaARI brings together leaders in basic and clinical research to understand the causes of abnormal blood clot formation in arteries or veins, so-called thrombosis, and bleeding disorders, identify emerging health challenges from thrombosis and bleeding, and design and test novel therapies to improve patient lives.

To learn more about TaARI

This is a community-focused non-profit working towards a city that is a carbon-neutral community with

  • secure local food sources,
  • sustainable transportation, and
  • healthy, clean air, water and land.

To learn more about Environment Hamilton

This organization supports environmental causes including bees, clean water, climate actions, and reducing plastic pollution.

To learn about Friends Of the Earth