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Skills Workshops

Welcome to our Skills Workshops page, your gateway to unlocking practical knowledge and enhancing your research capabilities. Here, you will find a range of hands-on workshops designed to equip you with essential skills for success in the world of research. By participating in our workshops, you will not only acquire skills that are directly applicable to research, but also develop a competitive advantage when seeking research opportunities. The hands-on nature of these workshops ensures that you gain a deep understanding of fundamental methodologies and techniques that are highly sought after in academia, industry, and beyond.

Upcoming Skills Workshops

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Past Skills Workshops

Introduction to LaTeX Click to view slides

This workshop will introduce you to LaTeX, a typesetting system commonly used in STEM disciplines to create high-quality documents and easily write mathematical equations. We will discuss tools for writing in LaTeX, the structural elements of LaTeX, text formatting, and commands for writing mathematical equations. You will learn the commands to create your first LaTeX document.

Blood smear and identify your cells

•Learn to spread a drop of blood on a slide,
•Stain with hematoxylin and eosin stain to identify blood cells
•Look under a microscope using the highest magnifying lens with oil.
•Identify your white, red and platelets.

Restriction enzymes

•Learn what restriction enzymes mean in the world of DNA.
•Work with electrophoresis and gels.
•Work out the best way to cut through some DNA.

Chloroplasts and cell counts

•Learn how to extract cells from a plant.
•Learn to use a hemocytometer.
•Look under a microscope and count the smallest cells in the thousands.

Microbiology skills workshop